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website development

Website Development

We offer website development using html and content management systems such as and not limited to WordPress, Joomla etc. All our designs are responsive (they resize for mobile).

For new websites, redesigns or converting from old static html to responsive, give us a shout and let us know how we can help or what we can do for you.

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shop development

E-Commerce Development

Starting an online shop or any e-commerce platform can be either hassel or a pleasure. We do our best to make it a pleasure for all our clients when they decide to trade  online.

Magento & WooCommerce are just two of the carts we deal with. We can also convert your current cart to a new one.

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mobile application development

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are all the rage now, whether you want to have your current site as an app or create an app for a specific purpose using iOS & Android this can be accomplished very easily.

Mobile apps can take many forms from E-Commerce stores, Utilities and Application interfaces to Games. Simple or complicated we can help you out.


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database development

Application Development

Software, application & database development are for companies or individuals who would like to convert their old non web based systems to a web based or upgraded system to improve business processes.

We also develop systems from scratch and/or offer prototying for new systems to be passed off to any developer with all the information needed.

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website retainer

Website Maintenance

With the web being as it is today, hackers trying to infiltrate your websites, sites becoming stagnant due to no new content, system software updates being neglected because of either time contraints or just not having anyone to do so.

This is when  website maintenance becomes a key service in any company, no matter the size.


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search engine optimization

SEO & Marketing

So you have a website, you have spent a great deal of money on your website but for some reason you can not be found by existing or potential clients on any of the search engines.

This is where SEO and digital marketing come in to play. In this day and age you need one of these options to have a successfull website.


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