When an off the shelf application just does not meet the requirements of your business, you can have us custom develop an application just for you. When the requirements of your business are not completely met, your business can suffer through loss of productivity.

With this in mind, STRANG IT CONSULTING’s custom development solutions are here to help your business achieve its goals with cost effective and reliable development. Using the programming languages that best suit your companies needs, we endeavor to provide exactly what you and your company require.

The biggest con against custom development has always been cost and time. This used to be the case in the past but with all the tools and open source software that are now available, this has changes the industry forever. Developers are now available to utilize the frameworks, libraries and tools available for building custom development applications.

These building blocks can be customized to suit the requirements of your business at a fraction of the cost. This offers the same benefits as a tailor-made-application but at a faster rate. Companies of all different sizes have been using open source software for their custom development needs and have been able to grow their customer base.

For more information on what we can do for you or a quote on your specifications contact us now.