E-commerce is the action or transaction of buying or selling online. There are different areas of e-commerce which include but are not limited to online retailing, online auctions, classifieds, directories and e-learning.

E-Commerce development is the coding or programming that enables the functionality of a website to come through, as per the clients’ specifications.

The three main e-commerce platforms used around the world are Magento, WooCommerce & Shopify. Custom coded carts are the forth and most popular for huge brands where standard platforms do not offer what the client is looking for.


Magento is an open-source platform for e-commerce written in PHP and uses MySQL. The software was originally released in 2008 and due to its power and flexibility it has been adopted by many big-name brands such as Nike, Ford and Christian Louboutin to name just a few.

Magento is now available in version 2 and continues to be the most robust e-commerce platform available for small, medium and large businesses.

If you are looking at having over 500 products, Magento is definitely the way to go.

We offer a variety of Magento development solutions for your needs, for our standard packages contact us for an in-depth quote on your needs.


We provide responsive and robust E-commerce solutions through Custom WooCommerce development and host of services which makes your website more robust and scalable.

Starting your online store from scratch or simply need a redesign, WooCommerce is a great way forward. Our developers will integrate, customize, offer ideas and create your fully functioning E-store that looks great and lets you manage your full E-commerce business on WordPress using WooCommerce.

We offer development for custom plugins & custom themes as well as SEO for WooCommerce. We also offer migration to WooCommerce from any other platform.


Using the Shopify platform, we can create and modify any existing themes making them to your specific requirements based on your business. We also build Shopify stores form the ground up as well as migrate any shops to Shopify if that first your needs.


Do you have a unique e-commerce project that you would like to get out to the world? If you do, then you cannot be expected to use an existing widely used e-commerce shopping cart platform with a default toolkit. Especially one that will meet all your criteria perfectly. Then it makes the most sense to use a custom shopping cart platform designed and developed specifically for your online business in full view with your specifications and requirements. If you are interested in using a skilled and reliable e-commerce custom cart development team you can trust to take on this critical task, then you’ve come to the right company!

Our developers will work hand in hand with you paying the maximum attention to every detail to create a fully-functional and powerful shopping cart system, that will become an e-commerce platform your website and/or online business can trust. You can always rely on our professional e-commerce software installation and integration services to get your store up and running in the quickest possible time.

While working on e-commerce projects individually, whether the cart is intended for a small online business or large multiple vendor online marketplace, we guarantee delivery of your final product along with responsive technical support on all developmental stages of the project. For any and all of your advanced shopping cart development and integration needs, STRANG IT CONSULTING is your best and only choice.