Database development is one of the key parts of almost every application as it helps keep the information you use for, sales and marketing, internal processes, customer relations and so much more.

More than 90% of the applications we use are database driven and the database type we here at STRANG IT CONSULTING prefer to use is MySQL. Since MySQL is open source and the most popular database system around it is obvious that MySQL database development would be the most logical step for any application. If required, we also develop in MS SQL and MS Access.

Since databases hold most of your information, depending on its setup, it becomes extremely important that the database is secure from any external threat that might be harmful to either you, your business and most importantly your clients. We endeavour to make every application and database we create as secure as possible to prevent any such occurrence.

With our database development team, you can be sure that the database will be optimized for both performance and security. There is nothing more conducive to the lack of performance and productivity than a poorly performing database.

For more information or a quotation, please contact us to see how we can improve your existing database or create a brand new one to do exactly what your need.